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Automated system for integrated management of resources, risk, reliability of railway transport

Gold medal with mention
inventor: Gapanovich V.A., Yermakov A.O., Zamishlyaev A.M., Zubchevsky V.V., Kalinin S.V., Miroshnichenko N.A., Rozenberg I.N.,Shubinsky I.B.
Sector: Safety - Protection
Company: JSC NIIAS
Country: Russian Federation


Intellectual X-ray 3D Microtomograph

Silver medal
inventor: Syrjamkin V.I., Klestov S.A., Sudakova E.S., Shalaev R.S., Filatov N.A.
Sector: Industrial equipment
Company: National Research Tomsk State University
Country: Russian Federation


RUCONBAR (RUbberized COncrete Noise BARrier)

Gold medal with mention
inventor: IVO HALADIN
Sector: Land, sea, air transport
Company: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering
Country: Croatia


Process of manufacture of the carbon adsorbent derived from fly ash and carbon adsorbent thereof

inventor: DAVID Elena, STEFANESCU Ioan
Sector: Environment
Company: National Institute for Research and Development for Cryogenic and Isotopic Technologies, INC-DTCI-ICSI, Rm.Valcea
Country: Romania


Kar-O-Andisheh (KOA) Corp.

inventor: Mr.Mohammad Mehdi Tabeghanon
Sector: Medicine - Health care
Country: Iran, Islamic Republic Of